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Pre-Congress programme

Preliminary programme

Dare to be the change!
8.30-10.30Clinical visits in the Turku area
GP clinics invite participants to take part of the everyday practice during a regular Monday morning
11.30-12.00Lunch (own expense)
12.00-13.30Welcome to the Young GPs pre-congress!
Everyday general practice in the Nordic countries
13.30-14.00Coffee break
14.00-15.00Workshop – Clinical decisions in practice
When there are no right answers you have to be wise- using a decision making game we discuss our choices in practice.
15.00-15.15Short break
15.15-16.15Dare to be the change!
Inspiring Keynote lectures at the Speakers corner
17.00Evening programme
Dare to be the change!
9.00-10.00Keynote speaker and discussion
10.00-10.30Coffee break and Yoga
5 inspiring workshops challenge you to think- and maybe rethink- your practice
12.00-12.45Lunch (own expense)
12.45-13.00Group picture
13.00-13.45Making an impact - Preparation for debate
13.45-14.00Short break, coffee to go
14.00-15.30Debate: in the amphitheatre

Closing of the pre-congress
18.00Welcome reception - NCGP2024 main congress

Programme is subject to changes.