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Principles for a Safer Space

Principles for a Safer Space at NCGP2024 Congress

We wish to make the NCGP2024 Congress safe and pleasant for everyone. The principles for a safer space are guidelines for collaboratively establishing an atmosphere where everyone is respected and valued.

These principles apply to the entire Congress, and each participant is expected to comply with them.

  • Zero Tolerance for Discrimination: Racism, discrimination, or any other inappropriate treatment will not be tolerated at the Congress.
  • Open-mindedness and Acceptance: Keep an open mind and accept others as they are. Recognize the assumptions you make and take into account the diversity of people. Listen attentively, give others space, and let everyone define their own identity and experience.
  • Awareness of Privileges: Recognize your own privileges, which can relate to gender, sexual orientation, skin color, class, language, health, or religion, among other things. Even if you feel safe and accepted, don’t assume that everyone else feels the same way.
  • Respect for Integrity: Respect the physical and mental integrity of others. Do not verbally harass, touch, or stare at anyone. Change your behavior or stop if someone asks you to.
  • Accountability and Apology: If you violate or are told you have violated the Safe Space Policy, apologize and correct your behavior if necessary. Everyone makes mistakes. Be understanding of other people’s mistakes and try to reach an agreement with the parties involved wherever possible.
  • Collective Responsibility: Each of us has a responsibility to ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe at the Congress. Through your own actions, help build an open, respectful, and safe atmosphere.

By adhering to these principles, we can create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all participants.